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    Greystone: Btw I'm on holiday until the 18th of August Very Happy
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    Antoti: Happy Bday Oasis
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    Greystone: Well guess I'm not playing tonight as I can't even login to my account, let alone a character! Mad Mad Mad Mad
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Guild Level 25
Mass Resurrection

Brings all dead party and raid members back to life with 35% health and 35% mana. A player may only be resurrected by this spell once every 10 minutes. Cannot be cast in combat or while in a battleground or arena.

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We are currently looking for new members of the following classes:
      Notes:   Healer spec mainly
      Notes:   Healer spec mainly
      Notes:   Healer spec mainly
      Notes:   Healer spec mainly

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Mists of Pandaria

Welcome to Oasis EU Turalyon Server Guild

Bound by ancient oath to defend peace, freedom and unity and the will to follow the path down the light, Oasis stands as a beacon of hope in a desert of darkness and despair . We live in desperate times. We will take desperate measures...

Members of Oasis, my only promise in this guild is you won't find injustice. My demand is at all times fair play for all and to all. If we are to progress it will be by you. The strength of Oasis lies not in its structures, but in its people. Together we will overcome incredible challenges. Fear not.

Make this guild your home and seek excellence through your actions for yourself and your fellow members. You have joined a guild and we will move as one at all times. Help anyway you can, prepare, join our fights but above all respect the people around you in and out of the guild.

To you visitor of our site I'll ask you to respect our members and treat them with honor and if you feel we are a fair guild for your needs perhaps you will consider joining us.

I salute you all. Get ready for hard work. The clock is ticking.

Antoti Proud Guild Leader of Oasis

Oasis is a casual raiding guild. And by casual we mean that we enjoy every aspect of the game with main interested to have as much fun from it as possible first above anything else.

But it is raiding what we are after as our main goal. We are heavily interested into devoted raiders to join our ranks for Mists of Pandaria raids. If you feel you can commit to at least one steady run per week, if you are patient enough to feel the joy of progressing with your fellow guild members, then Oasis is a guild for you.

If you are interested read our Policy and fill an Application Form.

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Guild Policies
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Please read the following section. It contains some basic rules that Oasis members are obligated to follow 

1) Use of foul language is discouraged not only in guild but also in other channels. While in such channels you still represent Oasis and thus you should always respect others and do your best to make us all proud to play under the Oasis banner. An no we will not turn on Mature Language Filter so be polite. Cursing doesn't make you smarter or older so it's not tolerated

2) No mature dialogs before 23:00 gametime. No exceptions. We have minors in the guild kids of mature players. And mature language filter is no good. We all know there are ways to bypass.

3) Some expectations we have of our members is that they treat each other with respect. After 10 wipes on the same boss seeing guildy X make several mistakes can be stressful. It however still does not mean you should yell. Patience, acceptance and respect are keywords in Oasis.

4) In guild chat we also ask of every member to be civilized, of course you can make jokes etc but never at the expense of someone in a way that they will feel hurt. The atmosphere and harmony is EXTREMELY important and we strive to maintain this at all times.

5) We do not want to see any ninja behavior and we don't want to see any botting (and we don’t want to hear about it either). Prooven ninja or bot gets a mail and a boot.

7) Crafting skills are free for guild. Provided you get the materials needed, if asked please craft the item your fellow guild member has asked. You are free to use whatever means to ensure the item was used by the requester and was not sold for profit

8) All matters concerning the guild should go through officers channels

9) No advertising of other guilds. You are a member of Oasis now.


Last but not least always remember that you are part of this guild. That means that you are here to play together with the rest of the people and help making Oasis even better and not just benefit from our lvl25 status. Ask your fellow members to join you for a run, set a social event and go have some drinks, do some parkour on top of Stormwind roofs, go kill some horde together. TEAM UP YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE AN OASIS MEMBER.


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Guild Activities

Swíck purchased item Hood of Hidden Flesh.
2 hours ago
Oblivionx obtained Permafrost Signet.
8 hours ago
Oblivionx obtained Permafrost Signet.
8 hours ago
Ayessa earned the achievement Level 30 for 10 points.
8 hours ago
Oblivionx obtained Twilight Scale Leggings.
9 hours ago
Oblivionx obtained Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster.
10 hours ago
Jtsal obtained Stalker's Cord of Eternal Autumn.
10 hours ago
Jtsal obtained Chest of the Shadowy Vanquisher.
10 hours ago
Jtsal obtained Leggings of the Shadowy Vanquisher.
11 hours ago
Jtsal obtained Painful Thorned Ring.
11 hours ago
Kymira obtained Arcweaver Spell Sword.
12 hours ago
Mokhor obtained Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker.
12 hours ago
Pantelis earned the achievement Level 40 for 10 points.
14 hours ago
Âlcatraz obtained Leggings of the Pride.
20 hours ago
Âlcatraz obtained Amulet of the Watcher.
20 hours ago

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